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Raise your game- Golf and Putting Greens with Love Lawns

At Love Lawns we create bespoke putting greens to suit both your game and outdoor space. At Love Lawns we will work with you from planning your golfing project right through to installation ensuring you get the most from your new outdoor space.

Our premium Artificial Grass Love Lawns Pro Putt provides the perfect playing surface designed for flawless roll ensuring putts always run smooth, true and at a realistic speed. Its outstanding quality ensures its durability in all weathers and requires minimal maintenance. Love Lawns Pro Putt can be blended and installed with any of our other grasses to enhance the look and feel of your garden.

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“Installing our Putting Green has been a real game changer – it enables me to practise all year round plus it’s been a great addition to the garden for the whole family to enjoy”.

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