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Maintaining your Artificial Grass with Love Lawns

One of the wonderful things about having an artificial lawn is that it requires little maintenance.

Maintaining an artificial lawn is so much easier than a traditional lawn. Once all the leaves have dropped from the trees it is literally a sweep up to restore the look and feel of a perfectly manicured lawn even in the depths of winter.

Here at Love Lawns we also offer our own maintenance service which around 25% of our customers take advantage of.

We clear the lawn of any winter debris and mechanically brush up the lawn to bring up the pile we then sanitise the lawn which breaks down any enzymes and adds a fresh scent.

Using pet and child friendly biological treatments they are non- harmful and perfectly safe compared to a lot of cleaners in the market.

So, with a little care and attention you can keep your lawn looking brand new all year every year.

If you need any advice or would like to book a service for your lawn just call Love Lawns on 0800 5404380.

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