How We Work

Your LOCAL choice for Artificial Grass

A Step by Step guide to your installation

Step One: Prepare your installation

After planning your perfect lawn installation with you, we arrive on the morning with your aggregates for your installation. We remove the turf to a depth of 2 inches and remove any large stones, bricks, or other obstructions. A geo-textile membrane is installed which acts a weed suppressant and stabilises the lawn base.

Step Two: Create an edge & frame

Where possible we install a timber baton frame edge. The reason for using treated timber is that it will expand and contract with the changes with weather and temperature.
If this part of the process is not possible, we create a cement edge.
By creating your frame, we also ensure the correct levels for your lawn installation.

Step Three: Install your base

MOT Type 1 aggregate is then installed & compacted.
It is roughly 1 tonne per 10m2.
We then install a top layer of granite dust, Granite dust is excellent for stability and drainage.

Step Four: Apply weed membrane

Once the base has been compacted, we apply professional weed membrane to the timber baton frame and secure in position with 4-inch galvanised steel nails every 0.75m around the perimeter. This will prevent weed growth whilst allowing water drainage.

Step Five: Installation of your Love Lawns artificial grass

Step Six: Mechanical Brush & Blow

For the best installation results we mechanically brush up the pile of your grass. 

Step Seven:: Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Love Lawns garden