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Choosing the right grass for you

Choosing the right grass is easy with Love Lawns. With over 6 years of installing premium artificial lawns we know our grass.

We have tested most major manufacturers grasses in the last six years and have built relationships with several manufacturers both in the UK and in Europe.

With this is mind we can be objective when making recommendations of and know what grasses will work best for a potential client.

Because we are independent, we are not tied into any one manufacturer or supplier so are not restricted in offering sound objective advice.

We have developed our range of grasses and our most popular are from the same manufacturer. We have carried out extensive research sourcing and evaluating the best grasses, so our clients do not have to.

Our most popular grasses within the Love Lawns range are Windsor Luxury 34mm, Hampton Supersoft 37mm, Kew Prestige 37mm.

When choosing your Artificial grass, the starting point must be who will use the grass.

For example, if it is a home with young children then the grass needs to a slightly shorter pile (sub 38mm) and as durable as possible.

Love Lawns can help you in this process with our expert advice.

Buying grass on the internet is an almost impossible task. Many companies will send their entire range to prospective customers. This makes the task of choosing a grass even harder.

A small sample of grass in the post is not ideal. The best way is talk to us here at Love Lawns and we  will be able to show you the appropriate grasses from our range and hep you choose the right grass for your garden.

To have a closer look at our range and organise your free survey contact us here at Love Lawns and we will organise a visit to suit you.

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