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Best pet friendly grass

With nearly one in four households in the UK owning a dog – lawns are a hot topic. The growth of these households installing artificial grass is growing year on year.

It is almost impossible to maintain a real turf lawn when you have a dog so installing an artificial lawn makes absolute sense.

Here at Love Lawns all our grasses are pet friendly. Our most popular grasses for Pet households is our WINDSOR LUXURY 34mm grass and HAMPTON SUPERSOFT 37mm grass. These grasses are loved by our customers because of the natural tones and durability. They simply look great all year round and best of all they are easy to clean.

Our installation process at Love Lawns was created with pet’s in mind.

Along with our pet friendly grasses we install granite dust in the base rather than the cheaper option of sharp sand. Sharp sand and underlay should be avoided on all pet installations as they can both hold odour’s whereas granite dust also drains more freely.

Our grasses weigh over 3kg per SQM which means they do not need a sand infill – which could also hold odours.

Cleaning a Love Lawns pet friendly grass is easy. We suggest using sanitised wipes to pick up the mess as it cleans the grass at the same time.  Once a year we would recommend a wash of the lawn with biological washing liquid. We also offer a full maintenance service for our customers.Do get in touch with us here at Love Lawns to see how we can help you create your pet friendly garden.

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