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Artificial Grass V Real turf

The eco considerations Artificial lawns are a plastic product, and as such there is a certain stigma that comes with it. Being responsible with plastic usage is incredibly important for the environment and easy to achieve when you buy plastic the right way. Here at Love Lawns understand that artificial lawns are not for everyone and remaining natural is also a great thing to do. However, we appreciate that natural lawns are not for everyone and that artificial grass is so popular due to its benefits. At Love Lawns we encourage our customers to plan in bedding areas to be part of the artificial grass project. It always adds to the aesthetic beauty of a garden. Another eco tip from Love Lawns is to always choose the highest quality grass (Love Lawns only install premium grasses). Choosing a premium grass means adds longevity will be many years before you would need to upgrade (10-15 years).  Saving you money as well as reducing waste. Other environmental considerations are that artificial grass does not need watering compared to a natural turf garden. Artificial grass does not need chemical treatments. Contrary to public opinion artificial grass is excellent for drainage in a garden. With over 1 ton of MOT Type 1 aggregate applied for every 10 sqm of grass installed it is a natural way for water to drain into the soil below. No more mowing means less electricity and petrol being used. Think of this being over a period of 10-15 years and that is a lot of saved energy and money. Speak to the Love Lawns Team today should you require more information on our environmental policies and how we can help you plan your new garden project.

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